Hey, I’m David, proud to be a husband and father to a wonderful family of four…plus one ornery French Bulldog named Jules. Currently, I am Global Ministries Missionary working at bridging a connection with the Holy Sprit through sharing of stories, having conversations, and living life in an every changing world. I’m glad you came by to be apart of what we are trying to accomplish.

My wife says I am a collector of hobbies and to a certain extent, I guess she is correct. I have had the good fortune of working in an career which both compensated me well and allowed flexibility by working from home. I took that as an opportunity to try lots of fun activities. In 2015, I received my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour certificate, and found balance through meditation and a regular yoga practice. I used this mental and physical strength building to assist in a real passion, Mountain Biking.

Living in Northwest Louisiana you would think the options for choice single track would be limited…and to an extent you would be correct. However there were some great trails which helped to hone a desire to travel and ride. Car trips consist of making sure my two daughters’ special blankets and stuff animals are packed and there is sufficient space my riding gear. Now that we live in Central Arkansas, we are a short drive from some great single track and I am excited to explore it all!

Two of my favorite activities go hand in hand, traveling and cooking. There are those whose travels search out the best beaches, or cheapest markets, or greatest tourist spots to ride with elephants (or whatever). That’s not me. It is my goal to eat and drink my way across the world. Not is some hedonistic exploit, think more like Anthony Bourdain and less Paris Hilton. I think there is a real experience when your travel focus is around a meal, a table with conversations and celebrations of what the local culture has to offer. We have experienced this in South Africa, Thailand, France, and many other places. Sometimes it comes in the form of inviting someone of a different culture to your table, physical borders do not limit cross cultural experiences.

Long ago I settled on the fact that I like food, that food and I have a relationship. But I am not referring to highly processed or cheap foods, but the experience that comes from making a meal from scratch and sharing it with friends and family. That moment you sit down, pour a glass of wine and dig into a Coq au vin you’ve been preparing for two days, is a moment in which a calmness spreads and you have shared a piece of your soul. I hope to bring that here to this site as well. I’ll share recipes and tips and hope that as you use this resources we are will be sharing in a part of each other too.

So those are some of my hobbies, being outdoors, cooking, traveling, yoga, a good cup of coffee and a cold beer. However, my passion and my call is a Christ like service to others. I will be the first to admit I am not always a perfect model of this, but it is another confirmation of the need and power of Grace. It was this call which took our family to Mozambique, where we lived and worked through the United Methodist Church at Chicuque Rural Hospital. It was this stirring inside my wife and I which keeps us searching for ways to connect the church of today with the people of today.

I hope this site can serve as a place to continue and foster conversation and learning in spiritual growth and formation. I know when we try and follow God it is not all rainbows and unicorns, but there is mess and truth, grief, sorrow, pain, joy, happiness, and peace. I want to seek God’s wonderful splendor through it all. And I want you to come with me on this journey.

So thanks for visiting. I love comments, questions, and feedback, so feel free to drop me a line with what is running around in your head. Lets walk this path together and have a great time while we do it.