Virtual Preaching

While COVID-19 has mostly been a way of learning about yourself and acquiring new impressive quarantine skills, it has also given us an opportunity to fill pulpits (preach) in many locations...from the comforts of our home. While the quality reflects that of someone preaching to a webcam, the opportunity to share is comforting. I know … Continue reading Virtual Preaching

Blessed are the Agnostics…words from Nadia Bolz-Weber

I believe it is important to be reminded that Jesus is not attached to one specific group of people who choose to believe in Jesus as the bridegroom of the Christian Church. We do not have the corner of the blessings of God through Jesus, nor should we hold the arrogance to believe we are, … Continue reading Blessed are the Agnostics…words from Nadia Bolz-Weber

UMC General Conference 2019

This morning I awoke heartbroken. To be honest, I went to sleep last night heart broken and hopeless. Yesterday, by a vote of 438 to 384 The special called General Conference pushed through The Traditionalist Plan regarding human sexuality. Reverend Adam Hamilton spoke of the is plan as a "regressive traditional plan with teeth." Essentially … Continue reading UMC General Conference 2019